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TOP 100

ROTH + WEBER recognised as a leading innovator

Niederdreisbach/Überlingen 23 June 2017 ROTH + WEBER GmbH is one of this year’s leading innovators in the German SME sector. The Niederdreisbach-based company will be presented with the Top 100 award, now in its 24th year, by Ranga Yogeshwar, Professor Nikolaus Franke and compamedia. The independent panel of judges particularly praised the success of the company’s innovations.

ROTH + WEBER GmbH, based in Niederdreisbach, specialises in large-format printers, scanners, folding systems, cutting machines and software solutions for document workflows. The company and its 153 employees are always looking for new ideas. One example is the first fully modular offline folding system that can be extended to an online version, and which totally took the market by surprise. The family business operates in 90 countries and is no stranger to success, but even it was surprised by the reaction to this solution: since the launch of the patented VarioFold Compact, the sales revenue in the folding systems division has risen by 300 per cent.

And with the new ROWE ColorPress the company has created a new generation of UV-resistant, water-resistant and indelible high-speed wide-format printers. “We have reinvented wide-format printing with this model series,” says Managing Director Johannes Roth.

It is easy to understand why this technology leader has enjoyed sustained success over the past 60 years. It is the only provider in the world to cover the entire wide format segment from one source with a range of products that are fully compatible. “That is a compelling argument for our customers,” says Roth, who manages the company together with his fellow director Gerhard Bäcker. The success of their innovations is also demonstrated by the fact that in the past three years alone they were granted four national and ten international patents. This has enabled the company to become a global leader with a four-year head start over the competition.

The Top 100 competition
Since 1993, compamedia has been awarding the Top 100 seal of approval to SMEs with a particular ability to innovate and above-average success rates for innovations. Professor Nikolaus Franke has coordinated the project since 2002. He is the founder and director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and a visiting professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is one of the world’s leading innovation researchers and has won 18 science awards and published over 200 articles. The Top 100 is mentored by science journalist and television presenter Ranga Yogeshwar and organised in partnership with the Fraunhofer Society for the Promotion of Applied Research and the German Association for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW). Media support for the company benchmarking competition is provided by manager magazin. Further information is available at

ROWE ColorPress Series

High speed, UV resistant, water resistant and indelible – the reinvention of wide format printing

Niederdreisbach/Düsseldorf The new ROWE ColorPress, a family of high speed wide format printers with the latest technologies, is being presented by ROWE at drupa. The completely new design immediately hits you in the eye: state-of-the-art, harmonious and extremely high-end, with illuminated logo displaying the status of the wide format printer in a completely user-friendly manner. The ColorPress Series has been designed by ROWE for high volume printing. All printouts are in a brilliant quality and even when using plain paper 100 percent indelible, UV resistant, as well as water resistant. Printing costs with the ROWE ColorPress Series are also unbeatably low. For example, the system doesn’t need special paper for high quality poster printouts and the print heads don’t need to be replaced. All printouts are completely dry – ideal for online folding. Many extensions are possible to the ROWE ColorPress family. As well as several MFP solutions, three newly developed online folding systems and a stacker, amongst other things, are available.

This large format printer doesn’t only support technically orientated CAD, GIS, AEC and manufacturing applications for engineers, architects, construction companies or public institutions, ROWE ColorPress is also ideally suited to  implementation in graphics, reprography service providers, in-house printing services or for presentations. Customers wanting full color posters for outside use or POS profit from the printouts being non-fade and water resistant. Wave formation in large area printouts are a thing of the past thanks to the latest toner based LED printing technology. Both black and white and color printouts from the ROWE ColorPress are indelible in accordance with ISO 12757-2 even when using plain paper. This means the ROWE ColorPress meets all the requirements of this important standard without any limitations.

Different printing speeds, applicable to each volume – 2, 3, 4 or 6 automatic rolls and single sheet feed
The ColorPress Series has been designed for all print volumes. This is why ROWE offers several models with different printing speeds. The customer also selects between 2, 3, 4 or 6 automatic rolls, Rear or Front Delivery Tray. All printouts are – even when the whole surface is printed – dry and can be perfectly folded online. Reprography service providers and other users with large print volumes can in this way optimize their workflow. Additionally, they can profit from the high operational availability of this new large format printer as well as from low printing costs. The ROWE ColorPress is operated with intuitively comprehensible software whose functions can be scaled to meet the requirements of the user. Thanks to the controller developed by ROWE all ROWE ColorPress Systems can be linked seamlessly to any hard or software architecture. 

ROWE ColorPress – ideal for online folding
The ColorPress is the first printing system developed for online folding without compromise and safely:

  • Output of complete sets DIN A0 – DIN A4 (ANSI E – ANSI A) possible. Printing of DIN A4 (ANSI A) formats within a drawing set is no problem either.
  • All printouts – also whole surface printing – 100 percent dry.
  • There is no need for special papers for poster printing followed by online folding. This means a significant reduction in printing costs.

Everything from one manufacturer – top reliability
The ROWE ColorPress can be extended at any time to a multi-functional print, scan and copy solution with finishing. For this ROWE offers several perfectly matched MFP solutions as well as the three new online folding systems VarioFold Compact, VarioFold Complete and VarioFold Premium. The decisive customer advantage: all modules in the complete solution have already been perfectly matched during their development by ROWE, including the distinctive state-of-the-art design. Easily recognizable in all VarioFold folding systems, the distinctive design of the ColorPress is continued 1:1. As a result of this both systems form a state-of-the-art, high value unit.

Market leader for compactness – unrivalled environmental friendliness
The ROWE ColorPress is the most compact high speed printing system on the market – a decisive advantage for small spaces. All ColorPress models can be extended to MFP solutions, also for configuration with 6 rolls. The three newly developed online folding systems also contribute to this absolute compactness. This enables wide format solutions, which can be easily integrated into the space available, providing the user with maximum flexibility.
The new ROWE ColorPress family doesn’t only exceed the requirements of the Energy Star, but is manufactured by ROWE in Germany in accordance with the highest environmental standards. Start of production in 2017.

IIus 1.: The ROWE ColorPress Series: the reinvention of wide format printing.

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IIus 2.: ROWE ColorPress with folding system ROWE VarioFold Premium: all modules in the complete solution have already been perfectly matched during their development.

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ROWE VarioFold Compact Online

ROWE VarioFold Compact Online – Online Folding at Offline Prices

Niederdreisbach/Düsseldorf May 31, 2016 With the VarioFold Compact launch in 2015 ROWE presented the first offline folding system worldwide that can be extended to an online folding system with minimum outlay, even after it has already been put into operation.  At this year’s drupa the specialist in wide format is now presenting the online solution for the VarioFold Compact. This very reasonably priced online folding system is compatible with any standard wide format printer. Using the PREMIUM MANUAL FEED means the VarioFold Compact remains a complete offline folding system even in the online configuration.

The VarioFold Compact offers its users maximum security for their investment. Thus customers have a choice: they can start directly with the online version or they can extend an already installed VarioFold Compact Offline to the online version with minimum outlay – patented.
Using an online bridge the VarioFold Compact can be connected to any standard large format printer. Due to its modular design users can configure a folding system to meet their specific requirements. Depending on the folding volume, they have the choice between three different delivery trays for folded documents. For the application of individual folding programs, e.g. folding of maps, ROWE offers various Apps and Kits. A special highlight here is the patented endless folding without any unfolded pages in-between.

Compatible with any standard wide format printer
Using the Online Bridge 1 or Online Bridge 2 the VarioFold Compact can be connected to any standard large format printer. In online operation the VarioFold Compact is controlled via the Connection Kit.

VarioFold Compact Online is as economical as any standard offline folding system
Revolutionary: online folding is financially viable for everyone, thanks to ROWE. Modular construction means the VarioFold Compact isn’t more expensive than normal offline folding machines.

Two folding systems in one thanks to PREMIUM MANUAL FEED
Even in the online configuration the VarioFold Compact remains a complete offline folding system. Clever: due to the PREMIUM MANUAL FEED documents from other large format printers are also conveniently folded.

Suitable for small spaces
The VarioFold Compact means limited space availability is no argument against online folding systems. This is because the VarioFold Compact requires minimal space. The VarioFold Compact Online is now available.

Illus.1: The VarioFold Compact online is compatible with any standard wide format printer.

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Illus.2: Due to its compact dimensions space requirements are minimal.

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Best of German Medium-sized Companies

Gold medal: ROWE honoured twice.

A leading position on the world market as well as innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship: this is why ROWE was honoured twice with the “Goldmedaille der deutschen Weltmarktführer” (Gold Medal of German World Market Leaders). The wide format specialist received these awards in the categories “THE WORLD MARKET LEADERS” and “THE FAMILY BUSINESS”. The official announcement was made in the presence of German Foreign Secretary Frank-Walter Steinmeier during the closing event of the Wirtschaftstag (Economic Forum). In addition to this, ROWE is now also listed in the two directories “THE WORLD MARKET LEADERS” and “THE FAMILY BUSINESS” published by Deutsche Standards EDITIONEN.

Welcoming the award of the “Goldmedaille der deutschen Weltmarktführer” (Gold Medal of German World Market Leaders) Johannes Roth, Managing Partner of ROWE said “We are extremely proud to have been honoured twice. It confirms, yet again, that we have the right company strategy and that our products have a leading position on the world market. “Parallel to this, ROWE has been listed in the two directories “THE WORLD MARKET LEADERS” and “THE FAMILY BUSINESS” published by Deutsche Standards EDITIONEN. These two directories are published by the well-known publisher Florian Langenscheidt, amongst others. They are Germany’s visiting cards in German embassies and Chambers of Commerce worldwide.

The publication “THE WORLD MARKET LEADERS” presents 100 medium-sized companies which have established themselves as “Best of the Best” in their respective market segment and have become world market leaders. “THE FAMILY BUSINESS”, on the other hand, portrays selected German family-owned companies that prove the source of Germany’s innovation often lies in its medium-sized companies. The two directories were presented by German Foreign Secretary Frank-Walter Steinmeier during the final event of the Wirtschaftstag (Economic Forum).


Photo. Presentation of directories at this year’s ‘Wirtschaftstag’ (Economic Forum) in Berlin. Professor Andreas Kiefer (ADP Employer Services GmbH), German Foreign Secretary, Dr. Florian Langenscheidt (Publisher), Prof. Dr. Bernd Venohr (Publisher) (left to right), Photo: Deutsche Standards / pjk atelier.

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"The Best of German Mittelstand.

VarioFold Compact: offline becomes online at any time

ROWE presents the first completely modular folding system in the world

Once you were offline, always offline – up to now that was the case as far as folding machines were concerned. With the new patented ROWE VarioFold Compact things have changed. Why? It can be extended from offline to online with minimum outlay, even after it has already been put into operation. For this the VarioFold Compact is compatible with all standard wide format printers. This guarantees the user maximum security for his investment. Thanks to the PREMIUM MANUAL FEED the VarioFold Compact remains a complete offline folding system even in online configuration. Another highlight: the VarioFold Compact Online isn’t any more expensive than a standard offline folding system.

“Patented endless folding, height adjustment that’s easy on your back or easy extension to an online folding system – never before has there been such versatility. The system is also extraordinarily quiet during operation. We’ve already had a lot of positive feedback from our customers concerning this”, explains Johannes Roth, Managing Partner of ROWE. Modular construction according to the principles of modular design enables this degree of flexibility in its configuration. Users can select a number of options which enable them to configure a folding system that exactly meets their requirements: they can select output trays at the back or front which can hold various capacities.  ROWE offers various apps and kits for setting up individual folding programs and for folding maps and letter formats and even extra-long documents. If the volume increases the VarioFold Compact can be extended to an online folding system. For this it is compatible with all standard wide format printers. Especially clever: the PREMIUM MANUAL FEED ensures the VarioFold Compact remains a complete offline folding system even in online configuration. Due to its compact dimensions the VarioFold Compact is easy to integrate into any office environment. For users wanting to fold automatically, even in a restricted space, ROWE offers the VarioFold Compact with Tablestand – an extremely space saving stand for operation of the folding system on any office table.

When developing the new folding system ROWE paid special attention to maximum user-friendly ergonomics: this is why the VarioFold Compact is equipped with a Floorstand with back-friendly height adjustment so the operating height can be adjusted according to the height of the user, as well as a feed table with non-stick coating for optimal paper handling. The technologically advanced interaction of micro-controllers with state-of-the-art step motors, patented holding rollers and the torsion resistant aluminium spaceframe construction guarantees maximum folding quality as well as quiet folding.

ROWE VarioFold Compact

Fig. 1: Extremely compact and versatile – the VarioFold Compact is the first completely modular folding system.

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ROWE VarioFold Compact

Fig. 2: Revolutionary: online folding is financially viable for everyone, thanks to ROWE.

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Global Presence

ROWE increases its business operations in China

A successful dealer conference in Peking marks yet another important milestone in the wide format specialist’s strategy for China. The event, which lasted two days, was organized by ROWE together with the distributor responsible for China.  More than 100 dealers and sub-dealers attended the event. As well as the presentation of awards and certificates to the best dealers, the program included presentations of the complete ROWE product portfolios as well as various seminars and sales training sessions.

“China is one of our core markets. This makes the success of the recent dealer conference even more important for us”, says Gerhard Bäcker, CEO of ROWE. With this event in Hotel Media Center in Peking, organized by the wide format specialist together with the local distributor, ROWE was able to extend its network in China significantly. The aim of the dealer conference was the consolidation of the relationship between manufacturer and dealer as well as optimization of the product knowledge of individual sub-dealers directly by the manufacturer. To facilitate this, both partners organized various product and sales training sessions. “Economic growth in China means an increasing demand for solutions in the technology sector. Especially in the case of high-tech products, like solutions for dealing with documents, Chinese engineers are happy to fall back on companies offering everything from a single source”, explains Bäcker further. ROWE has been present in the Chinese market since 1974 and has a distribution network of more than 100 dealers. This supplier of wide format LED printing systems, color scanners, folding systems and software for professional document workflow is active in 29 of 31 provinces. Well-known Chinese companies, but also German companies with Chinese subsidiaries, profit from a continuous document workflow, thanks to ROWE solutions. A core element of the international quality strategy of ROWE is comprehensive, close-knit support by service technicians whose basic training and specialist training takes place in the company’s own training center.

Global Presence

Photo. Dealer conference with CEO Gerhard Bäcker (3rd f.l.) in China – one of the core markets of the globally operating company. Photo: © ROWE

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