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Automatic one step fan and cross folding.

With ROWEFOLD 721-1 the technological leader for wide format solutions sets benchmarks because it is the high performance offline folding system with superb folding quality and unique operating ease. Its unique operating characteristics are due to the technologically advanced feed table of the ROWEFOLD 721-1. This is made of high-grade stainless steel and has a special non-stick surface. Its excellent sliding properties mean wide format documents are fed easily and safely. Simply select one of the 12 pre-installed folding programs or an individual special folding program via the operating terminal, lay the document down and pick it up completely folded. For the output, choose, in accordance with your folding volume, between the side output tray for approx. 25 folded documents and the practical optional belt output for approx. 50 folded documents.

A further highlight: the patented endless folding (optional) – endless – without unfolded pages requiring manual folding inbetween. The documents are completely finished and ready for further processing. As an option, ROWEFOLD 721-1 is also available with automatic tab applicator, the fully automatic solution for rip-free filing – the original from the inventor of the automatic tab applicator.



Important characteristics of the ROWEFOLD 721-1.

  • High performance, fan and cross folding in one step
  • Exact folding results in all DIN and special formats even with high volumes
  • Maximum fold length fan folding: 6000 mm (236.22") or optionally endless and without unfolded pages inbetween with the patented Endless Folding Kit UNLIMITED
  • Maximum fold length cross folding: up to 2500 mm (98,43")
  • 12 pre-installed standard folding programs and additional freely programmable user specific folding programs
  • Folding speed up to 18 m/min (59.06 ft/min)
  • Integrated output tray for approx. 25 folded documents or belt output (optional) for approx. 50 folded documents
  • Whisper quiet with intuitive operation and handling
  • Premium feed table at ergonomic operating height, made of high-grade stainless steel with non-stick surface
  • Minimal maintenance and operating costs
  • Small space requirement
  • Made in Germany


  • Tab applicator (integrated)
  • Belt output for approx. 50 folded documents
  • Endless Folding Kit UNLIMITED. Patented endless folding up to an unlimited folding length – no unfolded pages

Technical data. ROWEFOLD 721-1.1

  • ✓ Standard  
  • o Additional equipment
Concept Offline folding system for one step fan and cross folding
Stainless steel feed table Premium feed table made of high-grade stainless steel with non-stick surface. Folding with the typeface up: ergonomic handling of the documents – see what’s being folded
Quiet folding Optimal for implementation in an office thanks to modern step motor technology
Media width 210 - 960 mm (8.27" - 37.8")
Media types / weights Normal and inkjet paper, 60 - 110 g/m2
Fan folding Up to 6000 mm (236.22")
Unlimited: see Endless Folding Kit UNLIMITED (patented) o
Cross folding Up to 2500 mm (98,43") for DIN folding
Standard folding programs Fan folding: 198 mm (7.8"), 210/180 mm (8.27"/7.09"), 210/185 mm (8.27"/7.28"), 210/190 mm (8.27"/7.48"), 210 mm (8.27") and 210 mm (8.27") packet folding
Cross folding: 297 mm (11.69") and 305 mm (12.01")
Special folding programs fan and cross folding Packet width fan folding: 140 - 225 mm (5.51" - 8.86")
Packet width cross folding: 297 - 305 mm (11.69" - 12.01")
Special folding program only fan folding Packet width fan folding: 110 - 420 mm (4.33" - 16.54")
Filing margin 0 - 35 mm (0" - 1.38")
Folding standards DIN 824 A, B, C, ANSI, ARCH, Ericsson, French
AFNOR similar o
Folding speed 18 m/min (59.06 ft/min)
Power consumption Energy saving mode: 40 Watt, operating mode: 170 Watt
Interfaces RS 232 serial
Integrated output tray Tray capacity approx. 25 folded documents
Dimensions2 (width x height x depth in mm) 1.635 x 1.000 x 835
Power supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight2 180 kg
Certificates CE, RoHS

1 All information - unless otherwise stated - applies to standard paper 80 g/m² (paper weight: 20 lb)
2 Without accessories

Made in Germany.    ROWE Best QualityROWE modularity     RoHS compliant       CE        

Technical data. Accessories.

  • ✓ Standard  
  • o Additional equipment
Tab applicator Fully automatic solution for filing wide format, folded documents with rip-free material o
Endless Folding Kit UNLIMITED Patented endless folding up to an unlimited folding length – no unfolded pages o
Automatic belt output Extension of tray capacity up to approx. 50 folded documents o
Folding Kit AFNOR For extension of the cross fold function for foldings similar to high format and AFNOR o


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